Send device token with UUID.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Note
device_token String YES 64 letters
uuid String YES 36 letters
sandbox Bool YES
  • Request method: PUT
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Model: notification.models.DeviceToken
  • Success response: {"result": "success"}
  • Failure response: {"error": "Bad Request"}

notification.models.DeviceToken has user field so you can also associate users by applying django.contrib.auth.models.User.

Sample Request

$ curl -X PUT \


It is possible to send a push notification easily.

Real route is /send/<TARGET_MODE>/<DEVICE_TOKEN>.


  • Development: 0
  • Distribution: 1


  • Device token registered DATABASE.

Request parameter

Name Type Required Note
message String NO URL encoded
  • Request method: GET

Sample Request

Use sandbox
NOT use sandbox


Upload push notifications’ certificates by superuser.


  • PEM file not locked.
  • Secure PEM file which is not double transfer etc.


Login to session.


Logout from session.